Products and Services

Management Review
Streetlight’s staff includes individuals who have held management positions in Operations, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, and Executive Management. We can work with your business to identify key management techniques and processes to help get the most out of its employees.

Business Operations
Operations is at the heart of Streetlight’s strengths. We are able to apply our vast knowledge of operation techniques, processes, and reporting principles and apply them to your industry to improve your business performance.

Financial Review
Our team of financial analysts can review your finances with industry professionals to help identify areas of improvement. We have the expertise to create financial reports, do cash flow analysis, and develop budgets and forecasting. Problem areas will be identified and monitored for improvement.

Computer Systems and Reporting
Computers and their applications are woven into most every one of our processes. We use computer programs and reporting to identify areas of improvement and then employ computer generated metrics to monitor performance.